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Catching up with the WTO trend in China, PRIME too set its eyes on this golden opportunity.
PRIME is proud to announce that our Shanghai office will soon line up in service in July 2002.
Together with the office in Beijing and Shenzhen, clients who interested in China market as
much as we do, will benefit with the widespread network already established.



Nokia 5210
Choices from rock climbing to snapping a spot with the football player outfit at Times Square. Visitors are fascinated with these hottest games initiated by our creative team. The sporty image of Nokia 5210 is being highlighted. Once again PRIME has successfully drawn the product awareness and brand publicity with the maximize exposure.

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Coca-Cola Postmix
The colourful 3D decoration of the Coca-Cola selling machine has caught the eyes of the shoppers at Park'n Shop Shatin, feel like to get one for yourself too? PRIME contributes the concept, design and production. The output was outstanding. Not only obtaining great visibility but also the brand image reinforcement.




Food & Environmental Hygiene Department
Ever notice there is a showroom of Food and Environmental Hygiene Department located at Health Education Exhibition & Resource Centre, Kowloon Park? By walking through this educational booth we believe you can live a better life by knowing more about environmental protection and personal hygiene. With years of experience, PRIME is confident in providing high quality design and production and even after sales service best fit to our customer.

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Microsoft Product Launch
Focus to the target market, more than a hundred guests including press was invited to join the launching of Microsoft visual studio.net at Grand Hyatt Hotel. Tremendous effort has generated good results. The setting was impressive, perfectly correlated to the topic of the launch. Most important, the activity has attracted huge attention from the industry.




Hong Kong Housing Authority
To advocate the campaign "Tenants Purchase Scheme Phase 5" by the Housing Authority, PRIME took part from strategic proposal to final production. On behalf PRIME enhances publicity of the scheme by locating colorful backdrop, information counters, pillar outputs, banners and buntings in various location of the six government housing estates namely Tung Tau II Estate, Lei Cheng Uk Estate, Tsui Ping North Estate, Kwai Hing Estate,Tai Ping Estate & Pok Hong Estate.

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