Kumon Advanced Student Honor Roll Ceremony 2006
Venue: HKCEC

The Kumon Advanced Student Honor Roll Ceremony 2006 was held earlier at the Convention Hall of HKCEC. Unlike the arrangement of previous years of only honoring few of outstanding students, students who are studying 'Level J' materials, those completed the final level and other recommended students were invited to the ceremony. The ceremony was kicked off by the speech given by President of Kumon Pacific Asia. Following the speech, a jet-plane flied from the backdrop along with grand background music. The flying plane represented the honoured students took off high empowered with Kumon's education and energy. It also signified the commencement of the Kumon 'Jet-plane Progress' scheme. At the ceremony, outstanding students, participants of Life Skills Camp, Road to Completers Camp and Chairman of Completers Association shared on the stage. There were also performance by students and prize presentation ceremony of Art Exhibition. The ceremony was held very successfully.