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  McDonaldland Family Carnival
Lovely backdrop design, colourful booth setting with interesting games caught the eyes of the public at Dragon Plaza & Maritime Square. Children and their parents took part in this promotion activities were fond of those famous McDonald characters. The live orchestra and on-stage dancing show performed by kindergarten kids were fascinating. Promotion won't stop here, more roadshows are coming in a roll in different shopping mall, make sure you don't miss it.
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The Audi Avant-Garde Car Show
To strengthen the image of trendy and lifestyle of Audi new cars, PRIME designed a modern exhibit setting decorated by renowned brand of crystal accessories and stylish fashion that can really bring deep impact to the public.
  Perles De Tahiti Jewlery Show
More than a hundred of guests and press were invited to this jewelry show at Conrad hotel. Our unique stage was built on the top of the swimming pool, together with attractive special light effect, shining jewelry being shown gave all guests a marvelous impression.
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Sony Shopfront Revamp
Creative showcases design by PRIME successfully enhanced the brand image of Sony products displaying in Broadway & UNY. Coming Sony will locate its showcase in Citicall, Chung Yuen, Bestdenki, Joyce Hint's, Cheung Mo Kee and this creates close contact to end-user.

Nokia 5510 Mobile Billboard
How about advertise your new product as display on mobile vehicle driving around? Nokia 5510 has a great breakthrough this time. A truck was covered by eye-catching display boards designed by PRIME. Viewer of the truck can participate a interactive game by specifying the place where they saw the truck to win memorable prizes.

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