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  Cartier le Divan des heures Event 2002
Prestigious Divan watch series had their first launch event in Hong Kong at Western Market.Glamour design and concept from Cartier, PRIME coordinated all fabrications and lighting effect in the event.The event claimed success in promoting the products and huge public awareness.

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Corolla Car Show
Brand new model of Toyota Corolla 2003 is finally arrived in Hong Kong.This year Corolla has been selected as the highlight of the Car Show at New World Centre.Apart from the setting, PRIME has designed Toyota the "We Beautify Your Car" counter inside the Car Show to promote the good quality parts and advance after sales services which it has been credited for.
  Nokia 7650 Roadshow
You may not be amazed by the foam phone model of Nokia 7650 but will be enchanted by the eye-catching phone balloon of Nokia 7650 mobile phone debut at Times Square.Multimedia capabilities like MMS, email and color games are only some of the many features offered by Nokia 7650.COME ON and take a closer look by yourself.
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A great entry of TCL from China to Hong Kong.Being a big brother of electronic industry in China, PRIME succeed in taking TCL to the right position in Hong Kong market and solid its brand exposure in various channels.PRIME has setup a booth for TCL in the Hong Kong Electronics Expo at HKCEC and delivered the message of "Technology Beyond Imagination" to the public.


Sony Product Show at Japan@Cool Expo 2002 x Sony MD & U
Joint promotion from SONY and Cool magazine, the booth is specially designed to target the YOUTH market, all trendy products of fashion & beauty together with new models of Sony NetMD products and Sony's internet access service "So-net" are all included.What an IN's point for the youngsters of the new generation?

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